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The global food industry is undergoing a revolution as technological innovation enters the largest industry in the world and transforms its 11 trillion-dollar market. The world is at a critical point given the deterioration of land, the increased lack of animal and plant food sources, population growth, the global demand for healthy and high-quality food and the current need to allow nature's cycles to take place organically and with the necessary environmental considerations.

An opportunity for a breakthrough

FoodTech has become one of the world's most innovative technological fields. As in the rest of the world, Israeli food companies are choosing to invest in FoodTech, as more and more startups start working on technological developments that will propel the field forward.



trillion USD invested in the food industry in 2020


active Israeli FoodTech incubators and accelerators


million USD invested in Israeli FoodTech in 2020


increase in raised funds in the past 6 years



Israeli FoodTech startups


Taly Nechushtan, CEO of Innovopro - "The potential market share is huge. Studies have shown that a growing public defines itself as Flexatarian - consumers who minimize their consumption of meat and dairy and increase their consumption of plant-based foods, particularly plant proteins.

Innovopro, an alternative protein manufacturer, is the first company to develop a 70% chickpea protein. Innovopro has established partnerships with multinational companies to create innovative food products like ice cream, mayonnaise, pudding, milk, energy bars, cookies, and more, all nondairy and egg-free.


Micro Industry - CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) – a versatile, creative, and professional R&D and manufacture center, designed especially for startups and companies in the food industry, facilitates industrial scale-up processes and commercial food production using physical infrastructure that includes the most cutting-edge facilities and equipment in the field. The establishment of the first CMO complex of its kind in the field of FoodTech in Israel will enable production services for a variety of FoodTech and innovative food products.

The next thing in Israel

Shared production infrastructures


How does it work around the world?

In Singapore, a shared manufacturing center for start-ups, food processing companies, and academic research teams from Asia and the Pacific was established in partnership with the Swiss companies Bühler and Givaudan.

The center, which includes testing kitchens and food storage spaces, was established with the aim of developing and producing up to 50 kg of vegetable protein per hour


FoodTech Valley

A regional ecosystem in the Galilee

Israel, known worldwide as the "Startup Nation" and a leader in food innovation has chosen in recent years to turn the Eastern Galilee and the city of Kyriat Shmona into a region that specializes in FoodTech. The FoodTech valley provides cutting-edge and comprehensive solutions for global and local companies and institutions.


The geographic and synergetic conjunction of these institutions creates a business environment that enables collaborations between startups, investors, and food companies. The shared production infrastructure complex ' Micro Industry CMO' is to become a major component of the Galilee ecosystem.


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Aiming to promote FoodTech in the Eastern Galilee and support the emerging regional ecosystem, the Ministry of Economy and Industry with the assistance of Kiryat Shmona municipality and in coordination with the Ministry of Health is launching a new plan to establish a CMO, a joint production infrastructure complex, in Kiryat Shmona.

Michal Fink, Deputy Director General for Strategy and Policy Planning, Ministry of Economy and Industry

"We are operating based on a concept of regional economic development, according to which the Ministry of Economy and Industry develops infrastructure and growth engines aimed at creating a regional and national ecosystem in the field of FoodTech and food innovation, and at developing a supportive environment that encourages business investment in Kiryat Shmona and the Eastern Galilee. This industry has international potential - global demand for healthy food and advanced nutritional solutions is felt both in developing countries and in developed nations, and as such presents a unique opportunity for efforts to put the Galilee and Israeli industry on the map to be successful."

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Shlomo Atias, Director of The Authority for Investments and Development, Ministry of Economy and Industry

"The strength of the State of Israel is measured, among other things, by the strength of Israeli industry. Investment in the country's northern region and in Kiryat Shmona in particular will open up new paths for Israel's economy and lead to the region's growth, increased productivity and high-quality new jobs.

The Authority for Investments and Development sees value in establishing a manufacturing infrastructure by incentivizing and giving grants to the companies who become pioneers in strengthening the field of FoodTech in Israel. This is an opportunity to charge forward and turn the potential inherent in the food industry into a reality on the ground. This is the Zionist to thing to do in 2021"

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Avichai Stern, Mayor of Kiryat Shmona

"Kiryat Shmona, the capital of the Galilee, is currently undergoing a massive and drastic development boom and is promoting various initiatives with the goal of developing the economy of the city and region. Several institutions and projects in the city are an integral part of the region's FoodTech Ecosystem. These include: The Migal Research Institute, accelerator, FoodTech incubator and Margalit startup city. Growing companies that might want to establish factories and R&D centers will enjoy the convenience of the FoodTech Park currently being developed in the city's northern industrial area. Kiryat Shmona, in partnership with Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry, is promoting a shared production infrastructure complex in the field of FoodTech with the goal of turning initiatives and ideas into reality. Thanks to our substantial investment in the field of economic development, an Industrial Business and Tourism Division has been established in the municipality whose entire purpose is to help entrepreneurs tackle bureaucracy and drive their ventures to success with a minimum of delays along the way. Entrepreneurs interested in conducting economic activity in the city - we are here for you, to guide you all the way to the consolidation of your venture. We are at your disposal ready to help with any issue.

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